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Updated: Feb 22, 2022

I've been getting a lot of questions about my Santorini Dress photoshoot's a little insight and a behind-the-scenes look into my photoshoot.

On my recent trip to Santorini, Greece I had the amazing opportunity to do an incredibly fun photoshoot. This photoshoot was something that I was very nervous about, but when I made my pros and cons list, the main thing that was holding me back was wondering what others would think of me for doing this. And that’s when I realized that I am living my life for myself, and I decided to say YES to a photoshoot that involved scaling tall buildings in a super long dress on a Greek Island!

DISCLAIMER: I am not getting paid to advertise for this shoot…I was a paying customer just like every other tourist!

I had booked this photoshoot super last second (i.e. the day of, realistically about 6 hours in advance!) because I was so nervous about it! So the fact that this shoot came together at all is a minor miracle, as the internet in Santorini can be spotty at best, especially when trying to book this shoot during a hike! A lot of phone data was used in booking/confirming this shoot!

My husband came with me for moral support, but also to be the designated bag watcher, so he was able to carry my bag for me…spouses can be useful like that! I met the photographer (Dimitris) at a café, and changed in the washroom there. My photographer was about 10min late. I didn’t really mind, however you pay by the hour, so I was nervous that I wouldn't get the full hour (don't worry - I totally ended up getting my full time – mostly because I did a sunset shoot so Dimitris just shot until the sun set!)

Another unexpected turn-of-events was that Dimitris brought the wrong dress! So, already I’m thinking that I should just walk away from this situation and save myself some time, money and embarrassment! But I was oddly determined to make this photoshoot happen, and accepted the purple dress (instead of the red one which I had requested). Gotta role with the punches...#actorslife

Putting the dress on is a 2-person job! I’m not actually sure how Dimitris ended-up tying the dress in the back, but it came out nice in photos!! And as I previously mentioned, this was last second, so I kind of just did nothing with my hair, and tried to add some dramatic make-up based on my theatre make-up application experience. I’m sure you can pay someone to do your hair and make-up, but I wanted to save some money/I figured it’s all about the dress anyways so I didn’t really care that much.

Once the dress was on, we began the trek to Imerovigli. To get these first couple shots, I had to hop a fence, and scale 2 buildings…worth it!



Note: the picture below looks kind of artsy with my hands…that was just an in-between shot of me trying to fix my hair!!

Next stop was scaling another building. While I’m not particularly religious, I do question if I’m offending anyone with the cross in the background?


Fun Fact #1:

People that don’t know about the Santorini Dress photoshoot will think that you are some kind of celebrity – be prepared to have your picture taken by multiple tourists (your significant other included!)

Fun Fact #2:

This is also a popular proposal spot: There was a man waiting to propose to his girlfriend in this very spot! Congratulations to this newly engaged couple that I will never see again!

Now remember when I mentioned that my husband was with me…well now it’s his time to shine (or I guess, be in a photo, because the dress really was the focal point). This was a very painful couple of photos because one has to be barefoot, and those are really sharp rocks!

And since there was still some sun, we had to move fast to hit as many spots as possible!!


Fun Fact…we’re technically not allowed to shoot pictures here – but in the edited version of the picture below, you can’t see the hotel name of the steps that I’m on!






Fun Fact: Can you spot the mystery dog in this photo?! And one more pic with the Hubby!


Fun Fact: I would recommend wearing flip flops vs. my stylish running shoes, as is pictured below – you have to be barefoot when you’re scaling buildings because everything is white and the locals don’t want to scuff up their paint job, but then you also have to hurry to the next location, especially if it’s a sunset shoot…you’re literally racing mother nature!

My Santorini Dress journey concludes with climbing onto the roofs of different hotels while the sun is setting!

BEHIND-THE-SCENES Final Fun Pics and Selfies:

I had a blast doing this photoshoot. It was oddly empowering, and it was such a unique way to experience Santorini and all its beauty. Highly recommend!


Q: Why did you do this photoshoot? Are you trying to be an Influencer?

A: I LOVE PHOTOS! And it was so much fun!

Q: Does the dress move on its own?

A: NO! There is a very skilled man (in my case Nicolas - the man pictured above in white), who throws the dress for every picture in which the dress is airborne! I don’t envy this man!

Q: Do you own the dress?

A: NO! I honestly don’t think it’s practical to own this type of dress in Toronto, Canada…I’m sure you can buy it somewhere, but I chose to rent it, and the cost is included in the photoshoot.

Q: How did you know if the dress would fit?

A: That was a total leap of faith! As much as I loved this shoot, the photographer ended up bringing 2 of the wrong dresses, instead of the one that I had selected…fun fact, I am actually wearing a purple dress, even though it photographs red (which I was grateful for, because I wanted a red dress!) Some other things I wasn't prepared for - you cannot really wear a bra with this dress! Also I was told that I may have flashed a couple of people during the photoshoot! While the photographer tells you to keep the middle part of the dress in between your legs to avoid this embarrassment, it really is hard to do. So just be aware that this can happen, as I wouldn’t recommend going commando that day!

Q: I have other questions for you Robyn!

A: Yay! Email me ("CONTACT" section), and I can respond to them.

Q: Who was your photographer?

A: Great question! Here is their contact information:

Q: Do you have a video montage on YouTube of your photoshoot?

A: Why yes I do...see below and ENJOY!

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