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Livin' My Mustang Life!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

And Blogging About It...

While not a true mid-life crisis (I had that around 3 years ago), I decided to rent a mustang, just for the fun of it, on my birthday this year.

Why? Great question!

I honestly just wanted to drive around with the wind in my hair. Plus, a yellow convertible...that's just super fun and obnoxious, and I feel like everyone has to do that at least once in their life!

Because I'm goal-oriented, I knew I had to create a to-do list while driving in a mustang. This list included:

1. Driving the convertible with the top-down (I mean that's implied, but it had been raining all week up until my birthday, so I was kind of worried about that!)

2. Drive on the highway with my hair down (carefree or super dangerous? Time would tell!)

3. Do ridiculously obnoxious millenial things while driving or being a passenger in the mustang! ("oooh...what things?! This is so compelling; I must read on!")

With my to-do list in hand, we went to pick up the yellow mustang we rented on Turo (also a first for me...apparently Turo's like the Airbnb of renting cars). Destination...NO IDEA!!!

My hubby suggested driving to York University, since no one would be on campus in the summer on the weekend. Great decision! We got some fun shots, and drove around campus with minimal traffic.

You may notice that my hubby's finger makes a lovely cameo throughout the videos. Call it an artistic choice if you will...a new signature style of filming. 😂

As you can see, I took advantage of the empty parking lot!!!

Then we kind of just kept was windy...videos were taken!

After working up a sweat on our drive, we decided to buy a juice.

We went to "Revitasize" - a local juicery. Love their "Blue Magic" juice...truly magical! (not a promotional ad, just pretending that it could be one, should Revitasize decide to pay me after the fact!)

Then I had to do an unofficial yellow colour competition to determine which yellow is the superior yellow: my favourite yellow tee, my yellow mask, or the yellow mustang. The winner by far was the yellow mustang!

(The prize has yet to be determined)

We then realized our final destination should be SilverCity, since all the movies theatres in Toronto were still closed. Sure enough, we had the parking lot all to ourselves and filmed a lot of ridiculousness! (Mostly footage of my hubby's insanely curly locks, but I'm respecting his privacy and keeping him out of the limelight...can't let the potential fame from this blog go to his head).

Life lessons learned from my mustang adventures:

  • Convertibles are awesome

  • Yellow cars make people smile ❤️

  • You can never take too many photos/videos of a mustang…I'm gonna have to rent this bad boy again to get more footage!!!

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