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Pre/Post Surgical Total Knee Replacement Package - $895

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your upcoming total knee replacement surgery? Wanting an individualized home assessment to identify falls risks and ensure you are properly equipped post-surgery? 

Every patient's surgery is different, and every patient deserves a program that is uniquely tailored to their individual needs.

This package includes a pre-surgical home assessment, and 2 post-surgical home care follow-ups.


J'adore My Pelvic Floor - $450

Have you been told to see a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist? Would you like advice on how you can make changes in your daily routine to optimize your pelvic floor health?


Pelvic floor dysfunction is very common amongst people of all ages, yet societal stigmas prevent people from getting the proper care they deserve. As a result, many people suffer alone in silence and shame, without realizing that there are effective and evidence-based treatment options available to them.


This package includes one 75-min. initial assessment, and two 30-min. follow-up appointments, and includes home exercise programs catered to your individual needs.


Chronic Package - $995

Dealing with chronic pain and/or muscle deconditioning? Looking for an individualized home exercise program to help you decrease your pain and optimize your day-to-day movement quality? 

This 5-session package includes a comprehensive movement analysis with easy-to-follow, progressive, personalized exercise programs. 

Each session is 70min-90min, ensuring that you receive more than enough time to build confidence in performing your personalized program independently.


Robyn Rubinger (Deverett): PT, MScPT

Work Experience/Education


Work Experience &

Continuing Education

Work Experience (includes but is not limited to):

  • PHYSIO with ROBYN (Current): Personalized 1-on-1 Physiotherapy Home Care throughout the GTA

  • Toronto Physiotherapy: In-Clinic and Home Care with Pelvic Floor, MSK, MVA & Sports Injuries Caseload

  • University Hospital, London ON: Acute care, Orthopaedic wing​; Pre- and Post-Surgical total hip/knee replacements 

  • Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto ON: MSK and work-related injuries caseload​

Continuing education includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mobilisation of the Nervous System (through the NOI Group) 

  • Athletic Taping (through SportSide Medical Services)

  • Mulligan Concept Upper Quadrant (through Mulligan Canada)

  • APTEII Acupuncture & Dry Needling: Introduction (through APTEII)

  • Level 3 Lower Quadrant (through the Orthopaedic Division)

  • Level 2 Lower Quadrant (through the Orthopaedic Division)

  • Introduction To Advanced Manual Therapy (through the Orthopaedic Division) 

  • Intro and Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation (through the Dizziness and Balance Rehabilitation Clinic) 

  • CPTN Level 1 Yoga Specialist

  • Soft Tissue Release Workshop (through Jim Bilotta)

  • The Female Athlete: Bulletproof Your Core and Pelvic Floor – Antony Lo  (through Pelvic Health Solutions) 

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain, Coccydynia And The Pelvic Floor (through Pelvic Health Solutions)  

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders And The Pelvic Floor (through Pelvic Health Solutions)   

  • Level III: Treating Pain: A New Model Of Care (through Pelvic Health Solutions)   

  • Level II: The Physiotherapy Approach to Female and Male Pelvic Pain (through Pelvic Health Solutions)  

  • Pregnancy And The Pelvic Floor (through Pelvic Health Solutions) 

  • Level I: The Physiotherapy Approach to Female and Male Urinary Incontinence (through Pelvic Health Solutions)  

  • Non-Internal Introductory Pelvic Floor Course (through Pelvic Health Solutions) 


MSc PT Physiotherapy
McMaster University

2-year Masters degree included researching the efficacy of conservative treatment prior to total hip/knee replacement surgery.

Patient caseloads included:

  • Post-CABG/Cardiovascular Surgery Patients 

  • Post-Hip/Knee Replacements in-hospital/in-clinic

  • MSK/Work-Related Injuries 

  • Sports Injuries


BA Honors Spec Kinesiology
University of Western Ontario

4-year undergraduate degree focused on sports psychology, biomechanics, and human anatomy through cadaver dissection. Electives included food and nutrition, involving in-depth food analysis and practical lab testing.


Additional hands-on research included a pilot project "Nutrition Ignition" through UWO, providing nutritional information to elementary school students throughout London, ON. 

Advanced training in swimming, tennis, dance and exercise, with certifications including: Personal Trainer (through CPTN), Group Fitness Instructor (through Can-Fit-Pro) and Zumba Fitness Instructor (through Zumba Fitness Academy). 

Work experience includes: weekly swim instruction for visually-impaired children, fitness coaching for special needs adolescents, and physical activity program development & execution for older adults in hospitals/retirement homes. 


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MD - MSK Patient 

"I've been suffering from low back pain for the past 3 months. I tried everything from hot packs, to the thumper tool, from medication to stretching. Robyn came highly recommended from a family friend. She gave me a whole new routine to do and I am feeling like a new man. Would recommend Robyn to anyone with low back pain. Thanks Robyn!"

MH - MSK Patient

“In need of a physiotherapist I conducted a Google search. Criterion at the top of my list: a one-on-one treatment facility…my therapist Robyn's friendly "let's-get-you-moving-again" approach. Robyn is aware of the psychological impact an injury can have on the psyche of a patient. She instills confidence with her clinical competence as well as her kind and caring manner. After just two treatments pain is reduced, mobility increased and I have new hope that Robyn will guide my body through the healing process of both a two year old elbow issue and a recent ankle injury. I absolutely recommend.”

GR - Pre/Post TKR Surgery & MSK Patient

I have enjoyed Robyn’s physiotherapy services for a number of years. She has always been very helpful, professional and pleasant.  Not only does she do great treatments, she always gave me a set of exercise to do, that were very helpful.  I still use her neck exercise almost every day.  I like her approach of looking for the source of pain, not just doing a quick fix. 

I would definitely recommend Robyn to anybody needing physio treatment.

JM - MSK Patient

“My physiotherapist Robyn was very good at communicating what we were working on, gave simple and helpful exercises for me to do on my own, and did a great job of keeping me steadily progressing with rehab on my knee injury. Highly recommended!”

MF - Pelvic Floor & MSK Patient

“Robyn Rubinger (physiotherapist) is a talented, kind, thorough individual who goes to great lengths to get you the help and support you need.  She believes in trying any equipment on herself before endorsing and her positive easy going attitude makes therapy seem like fun.“

JW - Pelvic Floor Patient

“I am a prostate cancer survivor. Following the removal of my prostate, I suffered with incontinence for 9 years. Leakage down below. Uncomfortable - annoying - embarrassing - a big hassle.

After a brief discussion with my Dr. Daughter-in-law, I was made aware of recent treatments including drugs and physiotherapy. I am not interested in taking drugs so I visited the X clinic and met my new hero - therapist Robyn Rubinger. After just one session I knew she was on the right track. After five weeks of rectal massages and home exercises, I can confidently say that my incontinence has subsided by 95%!  Amazing! Old school methods are by going through a series of medical tests and exams leading up to invasive surgery...again. No thanks. New school is slightly uncomfortable physiotherapy by a charming young lady. Don't suffer any longer..."

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