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Acting Coaching

Why should you coach with Robyn?

Robyn is not only a multi-passionate performer, but she is someone who is continually studying and improving her own craft.

Robyn wants to give you the tools you need to succeed, with her goal being to get you to a point where you don't need her anymore.


She encourages actors to truly appreciate what they bring to the table, and reminds actors that acting is meant to be fun! 

**Please note - Robyn abides by the Code of Conduct for Acting Coaches and Educators:

Everyone deserves to feel safe and has a right to be heard. Robyn has zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, discrimination, violence of any kind; and strives to foster a safe learning environment for all her students.  If you encounter a problem or have any concerns/complaints, please do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can rectify these issues immediately. Email:

Popular Packages


The Rising Star Package - $575

Feeling overwhelmed by the industry? Want to make a change but you’re not sure what steps to take? We got you!

The Rising Star package is catered to meet you where you’re at. This 3-hour comprehensive package includes, but is not limited to:​

  • The Business of Acting and How to Take Back Control

  • Advocating for Yourself On and Off Set

  • Breaking Down Your "Package":

    • Resume Reviews 

    • Headshot Tips & Tricks

    • Demo Reel Reviews 

NOTE: This package can be broken up into different sessions, or can be used all at once. Whatever works best for you and your schedule.


The Just Self-Tapes Package - 

Are you obsessing over that last self-tape you sent? Wondering if anyone is even watching your self-tape? Feeling confused by that one-liner audition? Been there, done that!


This exclusive self-tape package includes 3 - 45min self-tape sessions - whether it be reviewing past self-tapes or breaking down new auditions.

NOTE: This package will take place on Zoom. If you prefer an alternative option, please let us know.


The Choose Your Own Adventure Package - $TBD 

Want to work with Robyn but can't find a package that works for you? 

Finding the packages a bit too pricey?

  • Contact us, so we can determine how best to help you.

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Acting Resume


Contact us to coach with Robyn, or If you have any questions/concerns.

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Sean Cisterna - Filmmaker, Director

“Robyn Deverett is a charismatic performer whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with numerous times. She always comes prepared, adds nuance to her characters, yet is willing to do the unexpected when asked of her. She’s a talented actor and a kind person.”

Simone Jetsun - Actor / Client

“Robyn has a heart of gold. I’ve been an actor for many years, and during this stressful time in the industry, I felt adrift. I was looking for options outside of being an actor, though within the industry, to explore other ways to stay involved. Robyn saw beyond my superficial nihilistic conclusions and made me realize that I am an actor and should not give up and hide behind the camera out of fear. She reinvigorated my resolve and passion, helping me realize what I needed to do. She doesn’t tell you what to think or what to do; she just gives her knowledge, POV, empathy, heart, and allows you to come to a natural unforced conclusion.

I’m so grateful for her guidance and am so excited for what lies ahead! If you need honesty and a heart of gold, a talk with Robyn is always a good idea"

Ash Mercia - Actor, Writer, Producer, Comedian

“Robyn is one of the funniest, most talented and driven people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and knowing.

I have worked with her both as a fellow performer and comedian, as well as being directed by her in a web series episode. She is a FANTASTIC director: she has a very clear vision, knows what she wants, and is strong and steadfast about helping you, as the performer, reach your full potential to bring the story to life.

She's easy to collaborate with, has a fantastic sense of humour. Robyn is an absolute asset to any project she is involved with.”

Tim Rose - Comedian, Writer, Improviser

"Robyn is one of the most brilliant people I've met in the acting/comedy world. Not only is she hilarious and talented herself but she knows how to get the best out of those around her. She will coach without forcing, she will suggest without. pushing. And she can find those moments in a scene or sketch that make it all worth it!

I have had the absolute pleasure of putting myself in Robyn's hands several times and I am a far better actor and comedian because of it. Her ability to encourage creativity while still letting me explore and improvise is, in my view, what sets Robyn apart.

If you are looking to dip your toe in the acting waters or take your craft to the next level - or anything in between - then let Robyn Deverett get you there. You won't regret it."

Alexandra Augustine - Actor/Director

"I have had the pleasure of working with Robyn in various areas of the film and television industry. In every circumstance, she is professional and a joy to work with. Years ago she interviewed me as a part of her Window Chats with Robyn segment, and she is a very generous host. She had done her research and asked very engaging questions, as well as making it feel like it wasn't an interview segment at all, but more a conversation between friends. I also witnessed Robyn take charge within the acting community hosting rooms for new actors in  Clubhouse, one I was also lucky enough to host with her. She is always looking out for her fellow actors and creatives, an admirable quality in such a harsh industry. More recently I had the pleasure of casting Robyn in a music video I directed. Right out of the gate, her audition stood out to me. She was well-prepared, confident, and very clearly understood the genre. She is a delight to work with on set. She is grounded, memorized, and takes direction effortlessly. Over the several years I have known Robyn, I have witnessed her craft and presence in the industry grow. She is always working hard to better herself and her craft. She is someone I highly recommend working with, your project will be better for it."

Esther Chung - Actor, Creator

“Robyn is a well rounded actor and highly skilled in comedy. She is experienced in many aspects of production including and not limited to directing, writing, filming, editing etc. She brings a professional attitude with a healthy dose of honesty and sarcastic humour. Robyn is organized and efficient all while being kind hearted and collaborative. I am very proud to have worked with her in the past and look forward to being on set with her one day. I highly recommend Robyn!”
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