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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

One of my favourite projects I've worked on to date, involving 17 actors, 4 casting directors, 2 cats and 2 puppies. What started off as a simple idea, became a bit of a mini web-series, totalling 7 segments all under 3 min in duration.

These short videos are meant to be comedic, and I focused on the art of the self-tape, as this seems to be the new normal when it comes to auditioning nowadays.

Segment 1: CON - The Confidence Booster Pill

Segment 2: Project Nightmare Slates

Segment 3: Project Headshot Catfish

Segment 4: Project Ambient Sound All Around

Segment 5: COMMERCIAL BREAK: CON - Satisfied Customer Testimonial

Segment 6: Project Bad Cop Using a Prop

Segment 7: Project "Bold Choice" Barista

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