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High Five...with my 5-fingered toe socks!

A couple years back, I found that I was getting odd pain in between my 4th and 5th toes (5th toe being the little baby toe). At first I thought it was related to my previous left toe fracture of 2014 (classic Robyn stubbing her toe on a hand weight injury), but then I went to a podiatrist to get some more information.

Jeff, The Foot Guru, told me I had “corns” (Eww, David!). It’s a pretty gross way of saying I had blisters in between my toes. Jeff gave me some silicon toe sleeves to put on my 4th toe to prevent excessive friction. I like to call them “toe condoms”, because my toe isn’t getting pregnant with a blister (#funnyinmyhead)

The problem I had with these toe sleeves was:

  1. I kept losing them, because you’re not supposed to wear them at night.

  2. I kept ripping them by mistake…sharp nails will do that.

  3. They just kind of looked weird…almost like a permanent bandage on my toe.

  4. And I kept forgetting to wear them (...I probably should have led with this one)!

I spoke to Jeff about some alternative options, and he recommended toe spacers, called "Correct Toes". I tried out Correct Toes, and they weren’t bad. The problem I had was I prefer to wear the toe spacers at home, and my feet would get cold if I was barefoot, but I couldn't wear my socks on top of them because the spacers would either stretch out my socks or they would make my socks way too tight.

And that’s when I learned about - drumroll please - toe socks. I’m a HUGE fan! I recommend the company "Injini" as they have figured out a way to optimize comfort and design. I tried some cheaper toe sock brands as well, because Injinji is pretty pricey, but they weren’t the same.

Injinji has a lot of different options when it comes to their toe socks, be it compression toe socks, toe socks for running, thin liner toe socks with an optional warmer layer on top, etc. Being a curious millenial, I decided to purchase the majority of the different options to save you the trouble ('re welcome!)

Stay tuned for my Injinji toe sock blog review, and my Correct Toes while wearing toe socks blog review!

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