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Robyn Deverett

Who is Robyn?

Great question!

Robyn Deverett is a born entertainer, and loves making people laugh - be it on stage, on camera, in the booth, or behind-the-scenes. While her on-camera child actor career was cut short due to a 6-year stint with braces; Robyn’s passion for film was re-ignited on the set of “Full Out” (Netflix), where she worked behind-the-scenes as a Physiotherapy Consultant.

Robyn has a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy, and is a strong 

advocate for pelvic health/women's health, specializing in pelvic floor physiotherapy for the past 8 years.


Robyn developed her production company “Ardee Har Har Productions”; where she writes, directs, produces and edits her podcast, short films, musical parodies, web-series and comedic sketches. With a life motto of “YES AND”, Robyn has performed musical theatre improv throughout Ontario, as well as stand-up comedy at the Social Capital Theatre and Comedy Bar, and now online through her latest project "What's the Deal, with Robyn".


In her spare time, Robyn loves learning new languages and trying not to die whilst scooting around downtown Toronto.

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Robyn Deverett

Robyn's Recent Projects

The podcast where Robyn Deverett sits by her window and chats with very interesting people!

What's the Deal, with Robyn?!

Comedy Legend, Robyn Deverett, has a lot of questions about a lot of things!

Wheelie and the Biped

Tim Rose and Robyn Deverett are “Wheelie and the Biped”!

RD Har Har Productions

Robyn Deverett's Production Company

Let's Get Fingered

A somewhat scripted, highly improvised pelvic floor talk show where no subject is off limits.

Dance like nobody's watching...cuz they aren't!

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