Actor, Comedian, Voice-Over Artist, Writer, Physiotherapist



Great question! ❤️

Growing up in Thornhill, Ontario, Robyn always loved performing and making people laugh. A true film lover, she spent many a night quoting movies around the family dinner table. Intrigued by human movement and anatomy, Robyn decided to pursue a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario. She was able to combine her passion for dance and fitness by becoming a certified group fitness instructor, ZUMBA instructor, and personal trainer. Robyn then continued her education at McMaster University, completing her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy.


Post graduation, Robyn’s passion for film was re-ignited on the set of “Full Out” (Netflix), where she worked behind-the-scenes as a Physiotherapy consultant, developing exercises and coaching actors during the rehabilitation scenes. With a life motto of “YES AND”, Robyn has performed musical theatre improv throughout Ontario, as well as stand-up comedy at the Social Capital Theatre.


Always trying to create her own opportunities, Robyn enjoys wearing many hats by writing, directing, producing, and editing her short films and sketches, including “The Self-Tape Perils” and “The COVID-19 Tango”. She is a strong believer in supporting her fellow artists and created the podcast “Window Chats with Robyn” to help promote her fellow artists, in addition to sharing stories regarding all things film and theatre industry related. She also started a production company entitled "Ardee Har Har Productions" (it's combining "Hardy Har Har" with her initials R.D. but Ardee sounds cooler. Clever or super confusing? You be the judge 🥰)