Robyn Deverett:
Physiotherapist MScPT

Robyn Deverett is indeed a licensed Physiotherapist, who has her own practice, where she primarily treats patients in their homes. Her practice, "PHYSIO with ROBYN", also includes helpful online educational videos.

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Robyn's Physiotherapy Bio

Robyn Deverett (Rubinger) is a licensed Physiotherapist in Ontario, Canada, working as an Independent Practitioner through her business “PHYSIO with ROBYN”.


Robyn has been active throughout her entire life - starting off as a dancer (ballet, tap, jazz) and a swimmer/lifeguard/swim instructor; finding a passion in fitness during her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology at Western University. Robyn became a certified Group Fitness Instructor, ZUMBA Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer and additionally worked as a Kinesiologist in London, ON after graduation. Deciding to enhance her anatomical knowledge and skillset, Robyn obtained her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University (2014).


Being quite accident-prone, Robyn is no stranger to being a physiotherapy patient, and strives to be the type of physiotherapist that she would want for herself: one who treats her patients with respect, provides them with knowledge and actively involves them in their care and the clinical decision-making process.


Robyn has worked in private clinics as well as in in-patient and out-patient hospital settings, and is a strong believer in working collaboratively with her patients. Robyn’s physiotherapy practice consists of education, soft tissue work, and stretching/strengthening home exercise programs. She has a background in acupuncture, athletic taping, and soft tissue active release; as well as extensive training in pelvic floor physiotherapy.


Robyn’s practice philosophy is to empower her patients, so they feel confident to maintain and improve their current fitness levels, and educate her patients to help prevent future injuries. It is never too late to start moving and improving!


If you would like to work with Robyn, please contact her via email.