National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Window Chats with Robyn

Sep. 30, 2021

Nadia George: S.1, Ep. 5

I wanted to share a clip from my chat with Kaqtikew E'pit (Thunder Woman) better know by her Christian name, Nadia George, who is Mi'kmaw First Nation Bear clan with Canadian decent. Nadia is an award winning Actor, Media Personality, and Public Educator based in Toronto, with over a decade of professional experience in Social Services.

Nadia’s has gained recognition for her community work which focuses on uplifting young voices, addressing stigmas around contemporary Indigenous identity, and advocating for the equity of Indigenous Communities and People in Canada. Nadia is very passionate about her work, believing education and awareness is where change will start.

In this clip Nadia shares the struggles that Indigenous people have with accessing clean water, even though they are only one hour outside of Toronto!! This was addressed in Jonathan Elliott’s film “Along the Water’s Edge”. And Jonathan Elliott’s film “Her Water Drum” discussed missing and murdered Indigenous women.

When it comes to land acknowledgements, it’s important to, as Nadia so eloquently phrased it, challenge your own narratives, and if you are uncomfortable, ask yourself why.

And take this opportunity to use your platform to the best of your abilities. If anything, it’s our obligation to bring truth to the forefront and create pathways for story-tellers. Be an ally. And create pathways to engage people and share stories. Let’s try our best to take little steps towards change.