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Robyn Deverett:

Robyn Deverett is indeed an actor, voice-over artist, host, comedian, and has expanded her scope of work behind-the-scenes as well, creating her production company "Ardee Har Har Productions". 

Check out the rest of her website, for more detailed information regarding her skillsets.

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Robyn's Acting Bio

Robyn Deverett is a born entertainer, and loves making people laugh - be it on stage, on camera, in the booth, or behind-the-scenes. While her on-camera child actor career didn’t exactly have a fairy tale ending (cut short due to a 6-year stint with braces), Robyn’s passion for film was re-ignited on the set of “Full Out” (Netflix); where she worked behind-the-scenes as a Physiotherapy Consultant, helping to coordinate and accurately depict the physical rehabilitation scenes.


With a life motto of “YES AND”, Robyn has performed musical theatre improv throughout Ontario, as well as stand-up comedy at the Social Capital Theatre. Always trying to create her own opportunities, Robyn developed her production company “Ardee Har Har Productions”; where she writes, directs, produces and edits her short films, musical parodies, web-series and comedic sketches, including “The Telephone Minute”, “The Self-Tape Perils” and “The COVID-19 Tango”.


Robyn is a strong believer in supporting her fellow artists and created the podcast “WINDOW CHATS with ROBYN” to help promote, motivate and inspire the next generation of creatives.


With her extensive background in pelvic floor health, Robyn is a huge advocate for pelvic health awareness. WIth a lifelong philosophy of laughter being the best medicine, Robyn is currently creating comedic educational content to reduce the stigma of pelvic floor dysfunction and normalize having “awkward” conversations surrounding basic bodily functions.


In her spare time, Robyn loves learning new languages and traveling. She is currently learning Romanian (Noroc!), and living vicariously through her past travel photos!


If you would like to work with Robyn,

please contact her via email.